8. März 2017

Interview mit einfach.effizient. und AMAGNO in Discover Germany

Interview mit einfach.effizient. und AMAGNO in Discover Germany

discover germany titel 119x150 - Interview mit einfach.effizient. und AMAGNO in Discover GermanyIn der März-Ausgabe von „Discover Germany“ finden Leser ein interessantes Interview zum Thema Digitalisierung. Jörg Högemann von der einfach.effizient. Unternehmensberatung und AMAGNO CEO Jens Büscher stehen Rede und Antwort.

Ein Auszug des Interviews:

For small and medium-sized German businesses, is there still potential to digitise day-to-day processes?

Jörg Högemann: “Small and medium-sized businesses have only just started or are about to start. If companies want to remain competitive, they will need to combine two basically contradictory strengths: they will need to digitise/automise repetitive tasks. The future job, on the other hand, is going to entail varied, non-repetitive processes that will ask for a flexible, cooperative workforce, which is able to solve potential problems and come up with its own ideas.”

Jens Büscher: “There is still huge potential as only about ten per cent of the companies have digitised their business processes yet. Digitalisation positively affects business performance. It makes processes much more transparent, delivers a high level of quality and, above all, generates legal certainty. Let’s also not forget financial advantages: the digital receipt of invoices, digitalised validation and clearance processes as well as automated booking processes may save up to 50 per cent of current costs; particularly if cash discounts are consequently made use off.”

Das Interview können Sie hier als PDF downloaden. Die komplette März-Ausgabe von Discover Germany finden Sie hier.

Valentin Tomaschek
Als Senior Marketing Manager ist Valentin bei AMAGNO verantwortlich für Online- und Printmedien, Social Media, Presse und Veranstaltungen.

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